As part of our 10th anniversary in business, we decided to commemorate the occasion with a 10th Anniversary Contest. We asked the community to submit their stories in a contest to win a free cosmetic tattoo treatment. We were really enamored with Maria’s story and she was selected as the winner. Here’s her story…
Maria had previously received an eyebrow tattoo that she was not happy with. Maria shared with us that her previous experience, overall, was unprofessional.
The procedure took place in a garage. She was referred to the technician by a friend, but the results were very poor and unsightly. As her tattoo began to fade, her brows looked very unnatural with various colorations such as pinks, reds, and even a bit of orange. She received nasty looks and disparaging remarks from children about the way she looked. It ultimately left her feeling embarrassed and ashamed of her looks.
Over several sessions, we worked with Maria to correct the pigmentation, fill in the brows, and to create a brow shape that she can feel confidant with. After these treatments with Jeannie at JuvEssentials, Maria’s eyebrows looked 100% better. They were more full, the coloration looked more natural and Maria felt much more comfortable with her looks.
Here’s what Maria had to say…
“Working with JuvEssentials has changed my life completely. I’m getting compliments about my eyebrows. They look natural. Now I’m not ashamed of looking at someone. I’ve had a great experience with Jeannie. I recommend her to anyone who wants their eyebrows done.” -Maria

One surprisingly effective paramedical option for treating vitiligo is melanocyte restoration. While a camouflage pigment is tattooed into the areas of the skin affected by vitiligo, the needling of the skin itself may help restore proper functioning of its melanocytes to once again produce pigment.

Below is an example of a client who has received 2 treatments of melanocyte repigmentation needling after not getting any improvement from the XTRAC excimer laser.

This client’s vitiligo on his legs had not been responsive to a series of laser treatments. He then tried one session of skin needling to induce melanocyte restoration.  Just after one session the white areas that were treated started to change and gradually repigment. Subsequently after a second session the repigmentation continued. With continued treatment and diligence the vitiligo is on its way to completely disappearing. 

Here’s what the client had to say:

“I’ve shown amazing progress [and am] so happy to see results!”